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Episode 511
Squaring Up

Paula has not written a book summarizing her experiences with machine quilting, but there are several really good books on the market. For quilting techniques, we recommend "Machine Quilting Made Easy" by Maurine Noble. It is published by That Patchwork Place in their Joy of Quilting series and is a great reference and quite a bargain!

One of the most inspirational quilting books we have is "Quilting Makes the Quilt" by Lee Cleland (also by That Patchwork Place). In this book, the author pieces several quilt tops and quilts each differently. It is just amazing how distinct each quilt looks, even though they are all identical in design and fabric.

Another good book for design ideas is "Quilt It" by Barbara Chainey (That Patchwork Place, again!).  Most of the book
consists of line drawings of quilt blocks and many ways to quilt them. There are also sections pertaining to two-block and four-block repeats and ways to emphasize the quilting of this type of quilt.

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