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Alex Anderson's "Simply Quilts"
Episode 330
Winter Holidays Kaleidoscope
        The winter  holidays kaleidoscope pattern is 
      available  from  us.   It  is  called  “Christmas 
      Kaleidoscope"   because  it   was  originally 
      designed as a gift for one  of my Christmas- 
      celebrating  friends.        There   were   three 
      identical    quilts  displayed   on  the   set  of 
      "Simply  Quilts":    One  for  Christmas,  one 
      for Hanukkah and one for Kwanzaa.

      The Hanukkah  fabrics were from P&B Fabrics in  their “Festival 
       of Lights” series.   Some  of  the  fabrics  are  still  available,  but 
       there  are  also  other  wonderful  Jewish  fabrics   in quilt  stores 
       now.      If  you  are   unable  to  find  them  in  your  area,  Lauree 
       Feigenbaum  of  Judaica  has  a  good selection; you can reach 
       her at 800-373-4335 or at www.1800dreidel.com

      The African  fabrics  used  in  the  Kwanzaa  quilt  are  from  The 
       Unique Spool,  located  at  407 Corte  Madera  in  Vacaville CA 
       95688. Phone:  707-448-1538.  Fax: 707-447-5161.    E-mail is 

       The  45  degree  kaleidoscope  wedge ruler is manufactured by 
       Doheny  Publications,  located   in  the  state  of   Washington.  I 
       found  mine  at   a  quilt  shop  and  have  seen  them  in  several 
       shops.     If you are unable to locate one, you can contact Marilyn 
       Doheny  via  e-mail  at  marilyn@dohenybooks.com      She  can 
       can  either advise  you  where  you may  find one in your area or 
       ship one to you directly. 

       The  90  degree   triangle  that  I  used  to square  up  the  pieces 
       before I  sewed the block  together was also purchased at a quilt 
       shop.    There are several  manufacturers  for this tool and I don’t 
       think  one  is  any  better or  worse than  another.   The important 
       thing is that it be fairly large and easy to handle. 

       If you are planning to make this kaleidoscope wall  hanging from 
       Christmas fabrics, you might consider also  making  "Let's Have 
       a Picnic" at the same time, maybe for a gift! You can use the left-
       over  fabric  pieces  to construct  the  watermelon  block.    "Let's 
       Have a Picnic"  also uses the kaleidoscope ruler  and the techni-
       ques demonstrated on "Simply Quilts".   This pattern is currently
       on sale for only $4.00! 

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