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Fluff & Stuff Revised & Expanded
2nd Edition Instructional DVD
  Fluff & Stuff 2nd Ed. - $29.95
Machine Quilting with Paula Reid

Paula Reid has quilted over 1400 quilts (almost all queen
and king size!) on her domestic machine since she started
as a sewing novice in 1990.  She has lots of easy to follow
tips and tricks to share about how you can do this at home,
too!  This revised and expanded edition includes all of the
educational material from the original Fluff & Stuff DVD, plus
over thirty minutes of brand new material - including a de-
monstration on machine tension settings that will solve that mystery once and for all!

Watch as Paula walks you through selection of batting needles and thread, shows you how to pin baste and how she fluffs and stuffs large quilts through a home machine.
Then stay tuned as she shows you her pretty-much-in-
vincible method of starting and stopping straight stitching
and then goes on to teach you free motion, both stenciled
and freehand.

Fluff & Stuff 2nd Edition is an entire quilt course that you
can take at home and learn at your own pace.  Got a quilt
top or two (or ten!) ready to be quilted?  Let's get to it!

Beyond the Basics:
Free Motion & Trapunto Instructional DVD


Every time I teach my quilting classes and show my Trapunto quilts, I’m asked “Do you have that on a DVD?”  Well, now I do!  You can learn how to improve your free motion skills as well as do that beautiful stuffed Trapunto work without cutting holes in the back of your quilt – it’s easy!

In this DVD, I highlight more complex designs while teaching both marked and unmarked free-motion techniques. I also demonstrate several different styles of feathers as well as background fills such as stippling and pebbles. 

DVD is viewable on both a DVD player and a computer.  Run time 1 hour 16 minutes.

 Beyond the Basics - $24.95

Batt Snips - An Essential Quilting Tool


Along with fabric, patterns, pins and thread, tools are very important in getting the results we want in our quilt making sessions. One tool that I love is my pair of small scissors that I keep right by the sewing  machine to clip threads, snip off dog ears and other small tasks that I can do right there.

I first found these scissors when I was preparing a sample for a Trapunto class. Trapunto is that beautiful raised stuffed work – part of the process is cutting away polyester batting close to the stitched design. Polyester is notorious for dulling scissors and I was very pleased to find that these stayed sharp even after cutting through what seemed like mountains of batting!

Now I have three pair – one by the machine, one in my travel supplies (YES, they are blunt tipped and small enough that you can take them through airport security, at least in the US) and the third in my workroom where I can quickly grab them to trim threads from quilts in progress. They have proven to be just the scissors that I needed – another essential quilting tool!

   Batt Snips - $14.95

Batt Scooters Are Here! 


I use Batt Scooters for all of my machine quilting - I find them helpful for straight stitching with the walking foot and for free motion quilting. They give me the traction that I need to ease those big quilts that my bare hands just can’t manage through the machine.

There are two sizes included in the kit. The smaller one, Baby Batt, goes under your right hand where the quilt is scrunched up and you have less room. Place the Batts on your quilt with the pointy sides facing each other, then cover them with your fingers, but leave your thumbs on the quilt fabric. You will be amazed at how easily you can move your quilt with these!

They are the first things I pick up in the morning and the last things I put down at the end of the day.


  Batt Scooters -

Borders & Bindings Instructional DVD
   Borders & Bindings - $34.95
Finishing Your Quilt  with Paula Reid
1 hr. 38 min.

You've pieced your patchwork, now what?  Don't just slap on a border and binding and call it done...take time to continue the creative process, and do it right!

Learn the proper techniques and different styles for bordering your quilt.  Paula will teach you the best methods for achieving a square quilt that's "bound" to turn heads!  She walks you through border options - including a crumb-catcher - binding techniques - including prairie points - hanging sleeve construction, and more.

DVD is viewable on both a DVD player and a computer. 
The bonus material is accessed by placing the DVD in your computer.  It includes the following PDF-format material:

  • Quilt Pattern, sample table topper for exploring border techniques and edge treatments
  • How to Measure to Accommodate Pieced Borders

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